Forests may reproduce more successfully when special efforts are made to encourage regeneration. Either artificial regeneration that involves planting seeds or seedlings, or natural regeneration that relies on existing seedlings or seed may be used. For specific recommendations on a particular tract, contact a forest service forester, consulting forester, or industrial landowner assistance forester.



Care and Planting of Southern Pines
This booklet is designed to encourage landowners, land managers, county foresters, forestry consultants, and nursery managers to be certain that their seedlings receive proper care. As a reminder, it reviews the elements of seedling care in an idealized reforestation system. For our purposes here, the system begins with lifting and packing in the nursery, includes transportation and storage, and ends when the seedling roots are in proper contact with the soil.


Forest Regeneration Methods: Natural Regeneration, Direct Seeding and Planting
This circular assumes that the landowner wants to have trees on a partial of land. It then provides three major alternatives for getting the trees on the land: natural regeneration and two kinds of artificial regeneration: direct seeding and planting seedligs. The landowner can then select the method that best fits the specific site, objectives, and economic resources.