Features of the forest site include those relating to the soil, topography, hydrology and overall productivity potential of the property in question. Understanding these features and how they affect the growth and survival of your forest is a critical first step.


Forest Soils and Site Index

Rick Hamilton, Extension Forest Resources Specialist at North Carolina State University, explains site index including how it's determined, the factors that relate to site index, and how site index is used as an indicator of forest productivity.

Nutrient Management of Southern Pines
Eric J. Jokela, Professor of Silviculture and Forest Nutrition, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611.

Fertilization of slash ( Pinus elliottii Engelm .) and loblolly pine ( P. taeda L.) stands has increased dramatically over the last two decades. As a cost effective silvicultural tool, fertilization has been successfully applied for increasing forestland productivity. Effective operational use of fertilizers relies on a variety of diagnostic systems to identify site nutrient status and potential responsiveness of candidate stands. General principles of forest nutrition, including guides for implementing fertilization prescriptions, are discussed.